Heroin Overdose Hearing
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The man accused of distributing heroin throughout the region that authorities say caused at least 7 overdoses earlier this month is in more trouble. Irief Littleberry had posted bail and got out of prison after his arrest but Wednesday he showed up for a hearing only to be handed even more serious charges. Littleberry was scheduled for a preliminary hearing Wednesday afternoon on charges for allegedly selling the 7 of hearts heroin to an undercover officer on May 6th just 5 days after the overdoses. That hearing was continued but he was slapped with more charges by Johnstown Police. And the Judge had some strong words telling Littleberry he had a very big problem with people overdosing and being brought back to life and that he wasn't happy. He also informed Littleberry that if one of the people he is alleged to have sold to would have died he would be facing homicide charges. We was sent back to prison this time on 400 thousand dollars bail. He didn't have anyting to say as he left the court.