Paterno Lawsuit
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The war of words is continuing this week in the court suit filed by the Joe Paterno Family Estate and others against the NCAA. This week it has bee the Paterno Estate's turn as they fire back at objections raised by the NCAA and according to the latest filing the NCAA is still holding the threat of a death penalty against the Nittany Lion Football Program. The language in the latest filing from the Paterno Family Estate is strong. They are talking about the NCAA using coersion in regards to getting the consent decree signed and allegations that the NCAA is still threatening harsher sanctions against Penn State if it does not oppose the Paterno Suit to the point that the feared death penalty is still on the table. Penn State has been dragged into the suit as what is known as a nominal defendant and the NCAA is arguing the Paterno Suit is an assault on the University's interests and that part of their suit has already been dismissed by the court but the Paterno Suit argues the NCAA did not have the authority to impose sanctions stemming from a criminal case that did not involve the current football program. And to help make that case they cite language from a ruling last week in a suit filed by State Senator Jake Corman against the NCAA in which Commonwealth Court Judges openly questioned whether the consent decree between Penn State and the NCAA was made in good faith.