Somerset Heroin Bust
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There was another major heroin bust along the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Somerset County. This time it happened in broad daylight. One hundred and sixty bricks of heroin were seized again during a traffic stop. The State Police from the Turnpike Barracks in Somerset County say they pulled James Farrish over Wednesday afternoon after noticing he failed to turn on his headlights when entering the Allegheny Tunnel. What they thought was going to be a routine traffic stop netted one hundred and sixty bricks of heroin. A criminal complaint says Farrish was breathing heavy and his hands were shaking as the Troopers approached his rental car. When he was asked if they could search it the documents says Farrish started stuttering and began to cry and mumbled the words "it is all over." A massive daylight bust, the District Attorney credits to well trained law enforcement. It is at least the third bust of its kind along the Turnpike in Somerset this year. In February, this is what Troopers discovered hidden in an air compressor in the back of a work van, seven kilos or fifteen pounds of raw uncut heroin. So much and so pure that authorities still do not have any idea how much it is worth. Just last week another routine traffic stop netted forty bricks of heroin and two arrests. And it was this time last year when Troopers made at the time their largest bust in County history, one thousands bricks of heroin or fifty thousand individual stamp bags work more than one million dollars.