Flight 93 12th Anniversary
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Twelve years later the Country takes the day to reflect and honor the lives of the three thousand men and women who died on September 11th, 2001.  And just a day after the groundbreaking of the Flight 93 Visitors Center a ceremony was held at the site in Somerset on Wednesday.  You can see people down the hill still paying their respects at the Wall of Names.  There are others looking into the Field of Honor at the crash site is the final resting place of forty heroes.  On Wednesday morning a truly emotional ceremony was held in Shanksville to honor those heroes on the 12th Anniversary.  It is a day we reflect on every year and a day the victims families remember everyday.  It almost seemed as a glimmer of hope as the sun rose over Shanksville on Wednesday morning lifting the fog and revealing the Flight 93 National Memorial and crash site a reminder of the forty people who lost their lives on that traffic day now twelve years ago.