Cam Tran New Building
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It all comes down to the numbers for Cambria County's Transit Authority.  It has taken four years for Camtran Officials to plan for a new headquarters and to replace its fifty year old facility in Moxham.  Now Camtran is finally able to start construction.  The current building for the headquarters in Moxham started in 1893.  They have been there since horses pulled the trolley so there comes a time when you have to really be serious and get to the twenty first century and that is where we are at now.  Their new site is now on Maple Avenue in the Woodvale section of Johnstown.  Officials tell us they had their eye on but obtaining it was a challenge because they needed more than just federal funding to reach the twenty million dollars needed.  One of the things that really attracted Camtran and officials to this area is the amount of land that is here.  They wanted to make sure they could add more parking and add space for the buses.  Right now we have two buildings that are separated by two streets so very inefficient and when we bring buses in we store them and we are crammed in our storage area.  And besides keeping the one hundred and twenty three employees they already have Camtran also has their sights on growing thanks to the new facility.