Leighty Search Update
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It has been one week since investigators prompted a search on a rural farm in Huntingdon County.  That search is on the property of Kenneth Leighty, the Father-in-law to an Altoona woman who has been missing for more than a decade.  We are continuing to follow that active investigation and search focusing on finding the remains of an Altoona woman who went missing in 1999.  The police are looking for the body of Sherry Leighty on her Father-in-law's property in Huntingdon County.  After one full week of searching this wooded area in Huntingdon County, investigators take a break on Sunday to regroup and reorganize, figuring out what to do next in the search for the body of Sherry Leighty.  It is such a large area and the case is so old that we are just trying to learn.  That large area is the one hundred and fifty acre property of Kenneth Leighty, Sherry's Father-in-law the man police are questioning about her disappearance in 1999.  The investigators believe she is buried somewhere in these woods and they are pulling resources from far and wide to find her.  Even the New York State Police are coming to the scene earlier this week bringing along cadaver dogs.  The dogs found what investigators are calling "points of interest" but so far Sherry's body has not been found but investigators say they are far from giving up.  If anything is able to be found these guys are going to find it.  We will continue until we feel that there is no need to go forward anymore.  Still no one has been charged in connection to this case.