Cemetery Cleanup In Centre County
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A Centre County community is coming together today to clean up a historic piece of their town.  Dozens spent their Saturday beautifying the Port Matilda Cemetery that dates back to the eighteen hundreds.  It is up to the community to watch over the two hundred and thirteen year old Port Matilda Cemetery, a piece of history in Centre County.  "We have nine hundred and eighty buried up here.  There are a lot of veterans from the Spanish American Was, First World War, Korea and Vietnam.  It is a sacred place."  Port Matilda Mayor Bob Wisser takes care of the cemetery basically by himself.  But Bob is battling cancer and so this tough task became too much for one man.  That is where Wanda Myers and her husband John stepped in and organized a community clean up Saturday.  "It needs to be done.  Years back, we had a full time guy up here who kept it in good shape.  He passed away.  So now it is when it needs done it gets done."  The cemetery dates back to the eighteen hundreds.  It is a piece of important history not only for the town itself but personally for many of the volunteers here today.  "I love to volunteer and my family is buried here.  My brother, my husband and my two sons."  About twenty five people donated their time for the clean up.  Organizers are thrilled with the number, saying they did not expect so many people in this small town to be so generous.