Brookville Scams
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A Jefferson County Police Department tells us scams, whether by mail or phone, is keeping officers in the small town of Brookville busy.  We see these reports all the time.  Chief Ken Dworek of the Brookville Police Department says that scams these days are keeping the department busy.  We got out hands on some of the things that have been turned into police.  Officials say the most recent scam, a man was looking at nude pictures when a pop up came onto his screen saying you have committed a crime and could be fined up to five hundred dollars but if you go to Walmart and wire three hundred dollars your case will be over.  Police say he did not wire the money but had to take his computer to a store to get fixed.  Other scams police have received are grandparents who are told to wire money because their grandson is in jail or there have even been residents who have received money in the mail.  Chief Dworek says as much as people wish they could receive freebies.  It is never legitimate.