Support For Ken Salem
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The Bishop McCort community gathered for the support of Principal Ken Salem who was placed on leave on Friday.  Salem's Attorney says this involves the scandal surrounding former trainer, Brother Stephen Baker.  The support for Ken Salem is overwhelming by the Bishop McCort community and being shown through social media.  Salem was put on administrative leave on Friday because of the Brother Stephen Baker scandal.  Baker was a trainer in the 90's he is accused of by some former students of abuse.  Their allegations surfaced after settlements Brother Baker made with other victims in Ohio came to light.  An alleged victim from McCort spoke over the weekend and believes Salem had no idea about the abuse.  The Board says it understands the questions regarding the decision to put Salem on leave but say "we urge our school family to always remember and pray for the victims of Brother Baker's actions and to pray for our Board as we make tough decisions we believe are in the best interest of the future of Bishop McCort."  The people organized the meeting says the purpose was to gather information and request a formal meeting with the Board.